The latest Cebu Pacific Promo is for travelers who are planning to travel starting Jan. 1 – Mar. 31, 2014. You can book your flight for only One Peso base fare and its open to all Philippine Destinations. Sale Period: Up to May 26, 2013 or until seats last. Only for flights coming from Manila/Cebu exclusive of fuel surcharge ranging from Php 250 – Php 450 and Php 15 Aviation Security Fee for flights existing from/transiting in Cebu. For non- manila or non cebu flight Exclusive of fuel surcharge ranging from Php250 – Php 450 and Terminal Fees ranging from Php20 – Php 200.

Meanwhile for travelers who will be traveling outside the Philippine will also enjoy a very good base fare of P100. Please remember for International destination its Exclusive of terminal fees ranging from Php 450 – Php 550 Fuel Surcharge ranging from Php 410 – Php 4,510., Php 1,620 PH travel tax and country specific taxes ranging form Php 403 – Php 1,254.