Former DOJ Secretary formally past the DOJ post to his successor, Solicitor General Agnes Devanadera. Gonzales made this turn over as he retires from his post as a DOJ Secretary because of his health condition. Devanadera said she intends to speed up the resolution of cases through decentralization. She believes that the decentralization of powers as one of the major reforms she wants to implement can also help prevent corruption in the department. On her first day as DOJ acting chief, Devanadera discovered that there are about 11,000 pending cases awaits her. She also added she would next set targets and tap all heads of offices under the department to determine how many cases could be resolved in a certain period of time. Devanadera also wants to prioritize “Media killings, human trafficking, drug cases and high-profile cases that caught public attention and vowed to be always impartial in prosecuting cases.