Water Powered Cars or Hydrogen/Oxygen Powered Cars, using 100% water as fuel is real.  If all ICE motors (Internal Combustion Engines) were converted to burn hydrogen and oxygen in the water, as fuel to propel cars, trucks, semi’s etc., we would no longer need gas stations, oil tankers, refineries, SMOG and war. By spiltting water by electrolysis and creating hydrogen/oxygen gas, you can replace gasoline. The  first ICE engine ran on hydrogen from water. BMW has them has them while Hyunda will be making them and Japan indorses them. Denny Klein, an inventor from Florida, has introduced the world’s first water powered car. His own 1994 Ford Escort, labeled “Hydrogen Technology”, can run on a combination of water and gasoline, and Klein says it is possible to develop a system powered purely by water. The prototype is a hybrid car, shown to drive 100 miles using 4 ounces of water, without losing power. For more than three decades now, Filipino inventor Daniel Dingel  has been claiming that his car can run with water as fuel. Dingel built a car reactor that uses electricity from a 12-volt car battery to split the ordinary tap water into hydrogen and oxygen components. The hydrogen can then be used to power the car engine.